Welcome to the Connect Gas and Plumbing Services website,Here you will find everything you need to know about the company including a comprehensive list of services, our afilliations and partnerships, our commitment to ongoing and lifetime training and our rigorous promotion of health and safety for both employees and management.

Who we are

Connect Gas and Plumbing Services have been established for a number of years now and we have built ourselves an excellent reputation in the domestic and commercial industry

We pride ourselves on customer care, on offering value for money and for only employing skilled and helpful tradespeople, whose qualifications we have thoroughly checked and whom we're sure will do the best of jobs. All their work on our behalf is guaranteed.

What we do

Connect Gas and Plumbing Services provide a veriety of services from ; a warranty, so you're covered in the case of home emergencies like heating failure;  to bathroom and kitchedn instalationa and professional tradespeople to put things right for our customers when they go wrong.

Why is Connect Gas and Plumbing Services  annual service contracts necessary ?

Sadly, even the most comprehensive buildings and contents policy rarely covers your central heating, plumbing, drainage and electrics, although these are areas where problems often arise – and are costly to repair.

In a crisis it's sometimes hard to find someone to fix the problem. You're not sure who to call, or whether they'll do a good job, or, especially if they agree to come out at a weekend or in the middle of the night, how big their bill might be!

That's where Connect Gas and Plumbing Services comes into its own – offering you reliable service, fully qualified engineers and speedy, helpful response.

We aim to get an engineer to site within 2 hours, unless you ask for it to be delayed – for example, until you're home from work.

Connect Gas and Plumbing Services  takes the pain out of home emergencies like a broken boiler, a blocked sewer or an electrical failure. All everyday situations which can cause chaos

And before you think it's going to cost a fortune, just take a look at our prices.

We work closely with the insurer to bring you the highest level of customer,satifaction ,value for money and our renowned first class customer service!